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    "Beauty Series" Looking into the possibilities of beauty


    "Sweets Series" Bringing happiness to both body and soul


    HACCI Gift Sets For the special ones in your life


    Bringing smiles to the faces of women
    around the world

    HACCI was founded by Hitomi Mizutani, the eldest daughter of the long-established apiary, "Mizutani Bee Farm"(est. 1912). Her purpose of founding this brand was to apply the wisdom inherited from generations past on the fascinating properties of honey for the women of today, and bring smiles to their faces.


    Salon-esque shops,
    delighting the senses

    HACCI shop design and production endeavors to bring a delightful excitement to our female clientele. Waiting in HACCI original uniforms, our store staff is always ready to individually help with each and every customer. Through the enchantment of honey, we hope you will enjoy your time with us.

    Say cheese !

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      Hitomi Mizutani