Privacy Policy

HACCI's JAPAN.LLC promotes personal information protection by establishing the following personal information protection guidelines, developing systems for personal information protection, raising awareness of all employees about the importance and thoroughly educating them about the systems.

Management of personal information We strictly control customer personal information through implementation of security measures, such as improvement of security system maintenance and management systems, thorough employee education, etc. in order to maintain accuracy and the latest status of personal information and prevent any illegal accesses / losses / damage / alternation / leakage of personal information.
Purpose of personal information use Personal information that has been provided by our customers shall be used for contacting customers, providing sales information, sending e-mails and other materials in response to their inquiries.
Prohibition of disclosure / Provision of personal information to a third party We shall properly manage personal information provided by our customers and never disclose to any third party said information except for any of the following cases;
  • Our customer has given consent.
  • Disclosure is necessary to our supplier to whom we have consigned work in order to provide services desired by our customer.
  • Disclosure is required by law.
Security measures for personal information We have taken sufficient security measures to maintain accuracy and safety of personal information.
Inquiry for identity In case our customer wishes to make inquiry for, correction to or deletion of its own personal information, we shall comply upon confirming said customer's identity.
Compliance with laws and regulations, and policy review We shall comply with Japanese laws and regulations applicable to the protection of personal information and make reviews of this policy for betterment from time to time.